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Kuumba Coffee Shop Review - Things to do in Douglasville, GA

Their food menu is way more than I expected from a coffee shop, but since I was still working I chose a chicken salad sandwich served on croissant with a bag of Lays!  They have so many food choices and desserts ya'll! The chicken salad SLAPPED! It was fresh and the veggies were chopped so small (I love that) also the croissant was super fluffy and flaky! 

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8 Must Haves For a Good Cup of Coffee at Home

A good cup of coffee feels like heck yesss, quietly. The tools I am listing below are all accessories to your at home brewing system.  I’ve found the best way to make coffee is with my Nespresso Vertuo Plus. I have made and still make coffee in various different ways. Let me know in the blog comments if you would like to know all the different ways to brew coffee at home and I will put something together for ya'll. My Coffee Bar at home and my oldest 2 dogs.  When making coffee at home, I focus on 2 main categories:  Coffee Utensils + Coffee Flavoring Here's a list 8 Must Haves For a Good Cup of Coffee at Home:

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My 2022 Planner System Explained

Check out my Daily Deluexe Planner from The Book'd Store. Daily I manage my home + family, my children's homeschool, 5 dogs, my career and businesses. Structure, in daily planning, allows me to flow though my day, and complete my "one off" tasks without missing a beat. 

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Eat to Focus

Focus Foods for this School Year School this year is different for most families due to the current global pandemic. Finding focus and maintaining it throughout the day will be HECKA beneficial to both parents and students. Most parents are focused on finding healthy foods but today, I'm sharing foods that will keep everyone's mind sharp and focused on the tasks in front of them.  I am not a nutritionist, just a Mom whose helping other Moms overcome Home School Hurdles! :)  Healthy Foods should not be underestimated. Your body needs good food to focus. by R. C. Connor Blueberries I started with these powerful little berries because they have a huge positive effect on your BRAIN. Our brain is...

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5 Must Haves for a Functional Planner Set Up

Nicole Meeks A Planner Enthusiast based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hey Planher, Happy July! Thanks for coming thru!  Today, I’m sharing 5 items that keep my planner functional. It’s important to note that things are important to me based on the lifestyle I live. These Must Haves are pretty interchangeable with other planner systems but, if you are unable to add certain things don’t worry; it just may not be a part of your planner journey.   When I say “functional”; I’m saying your planner is designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive. I love a well decorated planner but, if it doesn’t allow you to align your goals and actions then; you may have missed the mark somewhere!   No...

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