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Book Review - Juliet's School of Possibilities - A Little Story about the Power of Priorities

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Nicole Meeks

Owner & Creator at Planher Univer LLC.

Atlanta, GA 

Hey girl Heeey! 

I want you to get a feel of the novel from my perspective. After reading this I want you to understand why I think you should read it  & what I love about the feel of this book. #issavibe I hope you enjoy my take on it. This is my very first book review; pretty excited honestly, so let's dive in! 

This book will walk you through what happens when you go through life without making your priorities a priority. Often times, this happens when we are not clear on what we hold valuable in our lives. When you really look at your day do you find yourself crushing, pursuing, and crossing off your goals? If you often fall short then maybe your goals are not a priority; maybe your goals aren't even important TO YOU! Crazy thing for me to say? BUT it is even crazier to live this way year after year without refocusing on the things that truly matter. These thoughts arose while reading my productivity coach's ( In my head)  new book: Juliet's School of Possibilities. A Little Story about the Power of Priorities

This book gets right into the drama. Within the first 3 chapters you know all of the characters and what they're back stories are, & how they relate to the main character. I love books with easily identifiable characters, that way you aren't getting to know about bunch of personalities that have nothing to do with the plot. The back stories on the characters were explained enough for you to understand their positions but, not too much to overwhelm you with un-needed information.  As the story starts the "power of priorities" theme is apparent & remedies are given early even though the characters may not see them until later chapters. You immediately form alliances that may or may not change as you continue to read. I appreciated that the author dove in and makes her points & then leaves the rest to the imagination. 

I loved that this book had a heroin! The person that fixes everything is a woman and she isn't as cookie cutter & put together as it may seem. Her team consists of unconventional employees that have skills I haven't even mastered yet, it's darling honestly!  She is however, practical and resourceful. Throughout the beginning chapters I was waiting on the "guy" that was going to come in and fix Riley,the main character, and to my delight he never showed up! The Heroin however, encountered a major set back due to love & we learn how she put herself back together! Instead of giving up she uses the skills she had to build a life she loved. It's a sweet story that is true for sooo many women in this era. As a craft-er myself, it was fun to read a story featuring modern day goals professions. Juliet is my superhero on so many levels & I loved how the author built out her character subtle, magical and kind.

The lessons you learn in this book are worth a few hours a day.

It is a wonderful tool to shift your mindset, especially if you are mentally overwhelmed, starting something new, or just unsure of the direction of your life. This book will reset your thinking & have you evaluating what you ACTUALLY want out of life! There's even a workbook in the back! GENIUS! 

I love to read fictitious books for entertainment but my favorite is when they can teach me something or help me through my own personal woes. I not only gained an escape from my own extra-ness but gain perspective on how to overcome my issues so I can focus on more things that bring me joy!

Now about the amazing author, Laura Vanderkam. 

If you Google her you will finds hours of TED talks, interviews & books she has given the world on time management. I found her because I was sick of saying, "I don't have time to live my dreams." I listened to her book, "What the most successful people do before breakfast" and I was hooked on her work. I have 2 B6 size notebooks filled with her tips & tricks to hack the time management train and live my best life. Her work has no doubt been instrumental to my personal lifestyle transformation.                          

Laura has dedicated her time to figuring out why we have "no time" to live the fulfilling life we all hope to live. The answer is, we do have the time! It's simply a matter of knowing what's the most important to you and moving everything around to accommodate those things. Sounds easy but actually doing it will have those close to you like, whaaat?! You will also feel uneasy but as the tiles fall into place you will be more and more comfortable with your unconventional lifestyle. Once you master just one thing you thought you couldn't you'll be wondering what took you so long to actually start living! Laura's wealth of knowledge helped me assess & align my life for success.  

If you truly want to change something, learning the power of your priorities will put everything into perspective and give you a starting point to change. You have to be willing to actually do the work and that is where many of us fall short. The main obstacle for me was mindset, public perception, and chasing things I didn't actually want. Everyone's list is different but if you honestly want a change then you can have it! 

Expectations are infinite.  Time is finite.  You are always choosing,  Choose Well.

That is my favorite take away from Juliet's School of Possibilities! The above quote sums up the book and everything I learned from it. Choose your priorities well and continue to choose to chase them. IF, that is what your heart truly desires. I recommend this book to anyone that feels mentally stuck on a level of life they are ready to leave. If you are ready to ascend in life, read this & simply follow your heart! You always have all of the power to make your life exactly what you want. Don't throw it away chasing things that aren't even important to your future. I really hope you enjoyed my review! Thanks for reading. Would you like more book reviews? Let me know! 

Here's my link to the book if you want to invest in yourself. You deserve it! 



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