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My 2022 Planner System Explained

Hey Planner Peeps,

Here's a video of my Book'd Deluxe Daily Planner, this is a planner flip through of  January - February 2022. If you want deets to ANYTHING in the video, ask me in the comments on the blog + I got chu! 

Here is a look at my planner so far in 2022, I have been using only this Book'd Deluxe Planner from The Book'd Store. 


Click the picture below to watch the video.

Watch 2022 Book'd Daily Deluxe Planner Video Here Planner Flip Through

I prefer a Daily Planning Style because it allows me freedom to brain dump and the structure to organize my thoughts, day after day.

Eventually, I build a routine of what's working and alternate everything else.

My planner system for 2022 will also include 2 more support planners:


  1. A5 Steel Croc Agenda from Paper Standards to map out my entire life.
  2. Print Pression Weeks Planner for jotting things down while I'm out and keeping me on track for my financial goals. 

However, Daily I manage my home + family, my children's homeschool, my dogs, my career and businesses. Structure, in writing out my plans daily, allows me to flow though my day, and complete my "one off" tasks without missing a beat. 

Paper planning has always supported me on my life's many twists and turns, grateful for tools like this planner to help this Muva, be all she can be. 

Thanks for watching + reading along with me today.

Don't forget to, Plan the good stuff too, it's your universe after all! 








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