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Happynichi Tutorial - How to Set Up your Weekly Overview

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Nicole Meeks 
Owner of Planher Universe LLC 

Hey girl Heeeey!

Today I’m explaing how I set up my Weekly Overview Page! I have started making these a staple to my weekly planning system & they help me stay on task & are a wonderful reference guide when making additional arrangements during the week. It’s important to note that I only do this in my Happynichi but this method can be done in any planner. The Happynichi is my Everyday Carry Planner so having a weekly overview is helpful when I'm out and about. I'll be giving you my Weekly Overview process from beginning to end! Let's get ittt!

Step 1: Pre- Planning

It is imperative for you to write down your plans ahead of time. I never want to think I have time for something, commit to that thing & then have to cancel because I over booked myself! I plan the staple todo's every week so that I have a loose game plan of how my week will go. I 'll know if I have room to add more fun or if I need to buckle down to complete a long list of errands.  Also, doing this saves my stickers and allows me to know if when planning my spread I have enough space for décor or if I need to leave room to write extra to do's. When Pre-Planning I suggest you make a note of 5 important things.

  • Things you are accountable for: Meetings & Appointments
  • Things you want to remember: Birthdays & Anniversaries 
  • Meal Plan for the Week: Breakfast / Dinner
  • Something you are looking Forward to doing: Concert or Coffee with a Friend
  • Habits you are tracking: Kids Chores, Workouts, PR Posts

Something to look forward too is my FAVORITE thing to plan so I do it first! My go to vice is hiking with my dog! 

I gather important dates such as meetings, appointments, client deadlines, anniversaries and birthdays ahead of time to make planning more efficient.  

Step 2: Inspiration

Pick some type of inspiration to add to your week. I love quotes & affirmations so I generally opt for one of those to keep me motivated. However, sometimes I choose a picture of my family, a place I want to visit or a blogger/celebrity I admire. Adding that pop of motivation sets my spread OFF & it makes me happy, happy! The thing that makes me the most happy is cute sticker collages I put together! It's my work of art since I can't draw! LOL! 

A Gentle Reminder for myself to take a break and nurture myself. #happynichi

Cutting up magazines are how I prefer to get celebrity inspiration into my planner! 

Loved having this picture of my husband in my planner. #happywifehappylife 

Step 3: Layout

Here you can see that the layouts of my weekly overviews are often different & that’s ok! Every week is different, that’s the beauty in this! I assess all the information from preplanning & decide where I want to put what. I generally place the habits / things I’m tracking at the top of the page. & everything else falls into place. The idea for me is not to have a structured page but have a place where I can see everything!

Loved these colors! I had a busy week so I jotted all the mains things here! Perfection! 

This week started July so I also added a monthly calendar and all meetings here! See how much I love coffee! :) 

This week I didn't have much going on so inspiration was my focus!

Step 4: Tracking Habits 

I struggle with habit tracking! There I said it, it's difficult and if I miss one day I feel like all is lost. I personally stick to the weekly sticker habit tracking, it's less mentally taxing for me and keeps me focused on 2-3 small habits vs. being overwhelmed with a half page or whole page habit tracker. However, no matter my grievance I know the importance of being consistent and that habit trackers only work if you do! Which is why they are always apart of my weekly overview. Each month I pick 2-3 things I am focusing on improving and those are the things I add to my tracker. Lately it's been PR Posting and Blogging. Habit forming is tough but it is worth it! 

 Here's a look at the weekly trackers I love so much! These came from @goldenplansco !

Picture from @mz_dani_plans she's a time tracking goddess! Not sure what to track? Try starting with something home related, work related or something you're working to achieve. Ideas will start flooding in!

  The Happy Planner created these monthly trackers & I love using them for social media!

Step 5: Decorate

Decorating to me is the most fun part so I always save it for last! I add all the important things to my spread and then I make it my own! I add more stickers, diecuts, washi, or stamps to fill the empty space if I know I have nothing else to add to my overview. The weekly overview always correlates with the week ahead. I don't want my overview to be a totally different  theme from my week because I feel it would clash BUT, if you want to do that by all means do you boo boo! LOL! Also, if you are a functional planner then you may not want to decorate this section I totally understand. 

Then, enjoy your week! 

Step 5: Keep your planner OPEN

Having my week available at a glance is valuable!  Also, the act of writing down things I have to remember helps me remember them! Does that happen to anyone else? Now that you've seen all the things you can add to your overview creating it should be a breeze & keep you on top of your game!  SIS, if you keep your planner closed then you won't know what is on your weekly overview! It's important to actively use your planner to help you live the life you love. It 's hard to do that if you don't ever look in your planner during the week. I always make it a point to keep my planner open & on my desk through out the day. If you are unable to do that then simply look at it every morning & night. Implementing that small change will keep you focused on your goal and checking things off your to do list AKA crushing it! 

My weekly overview always consists of important dates, things I'm tracking (health, PR Posts, work things), one thing I'm looking forward too, and some inspiration. It always visually correlates with the week's theme and keeps me sharp. I love them!  I really hope you  implement them in your planners & tag me if you do! 




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