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Eat to Focus

Focus Foods for this School Year

School this year is different for most families due to the current global pandemic. Finding focus and maintaining it throughout the day will be HECKA beneficial to both parents and students. Most parents are focused on finding healthy foods but today, I'm sharing foods that will keep everyone's mind sharp and focused on the tasks in front of them. 

I am not a nutritionist, just a Mom whose helping other Moms overcome Home School Hurdles! :) 

Healthy Foods should not be underestimated. Your body needs good food to focus.

by R. C. Connor


I started with these powerful little berries because they have a huge positive effect on your BRAIN. Our brain is a muscle that if not flexed or nurtured could succumb to unproductive behavior. This fruit has less sugar and is more powerful for your body than most fruits including Bananas.  Blueberries are a wonderful way to reverse the aging brain. The antioxidants they produce have been associated with repairing memory loss and increasing blood flow to the brain; making it easier to process information and retain it. This is perfect to begin the school year because over time the effects of the blueberries will be prevalent.

Parents: You can add these to Yogurt to start your day, or blend into a smoothie. The possibilities are endless! 

Tip:After consuming blueberries, allow 4 hours for the additional blood flow to begin altering the current mental state. I would suggest eating blueberries for breakfast & an afternoon snack. 


Yes, WATER! It's not something we hear often however,consuming the correct amount of water is needed to remain focused. Most of our body is made up of water, it's like the fluid that runs through the engine of a car; MANDATORY TO START. Children that consume adequate water through out the day are able to focus because they are hydrated. Staying hydrated is rule number one when maintaining a healthy lifestyle which will always ultimately lead to more concentration. Also, drinking enough water allows your body to detox itself naturally & daily. What a relief! 

Tip: Track water consumption; use your planner. Hold your children accountable. Stay consistent with yourself. 

Found this formula to articulate why water matters here!

Let’s illustrate our point with a simple formula: 

Lots of water

= better hormone regulation and neurotransmitter production

+ more oxygenated cells

– waste toxins

= increase your concentration


Oily Fish

Fish are known for being a major source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are key to cell & nerve membranes.  Omega 3's are anti-inflammatory and lack of the big 3 could cause brain fog, anxiety, or even depression.  Which is why adding fish with with Omega 3's are a huge benefit to your school week's nightly menu. Oily fish include: Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, Trout, Sardines and more.

Vegetarian or Vegan? : Substitute Fish for seeds with Omega 3's such as flax seed, hemp and chia seeds to your diet and reap all the above benefits. 

Focus Foods 

produce better moods.

Changing the mindset from overwhelm to focused is the goal. We got thiiis! Stay healthy, stay focused, & stay consistent and we'll make it though this school year smarter and more alert than before. 

I am not a nutritionist, just a Mom whose helping other Moms overcome Home School Hurdles! :) 

Thanks for reading! 




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