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Kuumba Coffee Shop Review - Things to do in Douglasville, GA

Kuumba Coffee Shop, Douglasville, GA


This past week, I was able to visit Kuumba Coffee located in downtown Douglasville, GA.  The location is off the Veteran's Memorial near the train tracks. When parking BEWARE of the brick when you pull in. I almost scraped the bottom of my SUV because I didn't realize the brick was that high up from the curb. The parking space is limited in front of the coffee shop but I saw other patrons parking across the street and just walking over.

I tried to come here on a Monday first but they are closed, just FYI. On Tuesday, I stayed there from morning until the early afternoon allowing my 8th grader time to finish his end of the year testing. 

Coffee Shop Vibes

For starters I had a Blueberry Latte and after that I had a Lavender Vanilla Latte. Both were delicious and hot, with loads of flavor! I sipped on those between meetings and working on projects. Afterwards I was lunchy and decided to dine there, because the vibes were on point! The playlist they have is some good ole R&B, a whole mood! 

Their food menu is way more than I expected from a coffee shop, but since I was still working I chose a chicken salad sandwich served on croissant with a bag of Lays!  They have so many food choices and desserts ya'll! The chicken salad SLAPPED! It was fresh and the veggies were chopped so small (I love that) also the croissant was super fluffy and flaky! 

I rate my first experience here as 10/10, EASY WIN!

I enjoyed being able to work from this coffee shop and immensely appreciate the customer service and kindness of the staff. The establishment is clean (even the restrooms) and the décor is inviting and simple! Check out my YouTube Video; it shows the products they offer and all the additional amenities they offer.

When doing research on the shop prior to checking it out I found this article that read. According to Jalil, one of the owners:

"Kuumba is Swahili for Creativity. Creativity means to perform acts that leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. We want to be agents of creativity to the Douglasville community. Our mission statement speaks of curating great coffee but fostering greater community conversation."

This alone made me curious about the quality of coffee and feel of this shop and my my my how my creativity was flowing in this space! Grateful for the owners and to be able to experience the creativity of this Douglasville Community through this wonderful coffee shop! 

I recommend this coffee shop to anyone in the Douglasville area! 





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