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8 Must Haves For a Good Cup of Coffee at Home

 A good cup of coffee feels like heck yesss, quietly.
The tools I am listing below are all accessories to your at home
brewing system. 
I’ve found the best way to make coffee is with my Nespresso Vertuo Plus. I have made and still make coffee in various different ways.
Let me know in the blog comments if you would like to know all the different ways to brew coffee at home and I will put something together for ya'll.
Must haves for Coffee at Home - Coffee Bar
My Coffee Bar at home and my oldest 2 dogs. 
When making coffee at home, I focus on 2 main categories: 
Coffee Utensils + Coffee Flavoring
Must Haves for a Good Cup of Coffee at Home Coffee Utensils and Coffee Flavoring
Here's a list of 8 Must Haves For a Good Cup of Coffee at Home:
Coffee Mugs + Tea Mugs
  1. A mug you love - having a mug you love makes the experience better, it's.... the razzle to the dazzle you're creating. Find cute mugs at .
Oatmilk Creamer
2.Creamer/Milk that Froths - All milks are not created equal..
My Top 3!
a) Almond/Oat Milk Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks
b) Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Oat Milk Brown Sugar Coffee Creamer, and
c) Silk Oat Yeah Oat Milk Creamer The Oatmeal Cookie One.
Coffee Sauces to try
3.Sauces - Generally the flavors are Carmel, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate. I enjoy using Torani or Ghirardelli. They always add an extra umph to any drink.
4. Syrups - Another way to change the dynamics of your beverage. You can add any flavor you desire...the possibilities are endless.
Coffee Frother
5. Frothers - there are stationary ones like the Aeroccino3 milk frother by Nespresso, that I use. There are also amazing handheld frothers like this silver one on Amazon. Tip: The Aeroccino3 can cool/warm up your milk.
Metal Stirrers and Straws
6. Metal Straws/ Stirrers - Mainly for Iced Coffee, but for me all coffee goes with a straw, you just sip slowly and sparingly and enjoy the temperature of the beverage while not staining your teeth.

Agave and Honey


7.  Natural Sweeteners - My favorites are Agave and Honey, I pretty much must use them in all my drinks. However, if you enjoy sugar, be mindful of the types you consume. 

Coffee Sugars


8. The Big boys in coffee sugars are as follows: Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low, Stevia, Raw Cane Sugar I choose to use these sparingly, if you are searching for the perfect sugar/ sugar substitute these are the brands that have won the hearts of America's Coffee Drinkers.

I have and will use any of these EXCEPT Sweet n Low/Equal. 

Homebody Planner Mug and At Home Coffee Bar

 Bottom line, different cups of coffee require different ingredients. Stocking up on these items ensure I can always make my perfect cup of joe to match the type of day or mood I am preparing to conquer.
If you are planning on making a coffee bar and found this helpful PLEASE let me know in the comments section of the blog.
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