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Plan With Me! Weekly Overview & WO1P - Mermaid Kit

Hey Ya'll! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I'm doing a Plan with Me to show one way I Bujo my Weekly Overview & Weekly Insert! Below are the items I used to plan my spread.

Prefer to Watch it?

I got chu! Check out my YouTube video planning this week. If you want to read then keep scrolling! 

Items Used:

- The Happy Planner: Happynichi 

Golden Plans CoMermaid Sticker Kit

- The Happy Planner: Journaling (Flip) Stickers - I call them Happy Flaps

- The Honey B Shop - Washi Tape

- The Paper Studio: Agenda 52: Numbers Foiled Sticker Pack, 2992pcs

Happy Planner Sticker Books:

*Quotes - 427 pieces

*Journaling - 1868 pieces

*Stickers -1486 pieces 

*Rainbow - 720 pieces

Pre-Planning is Key!

I always pre-plan my week prior to setting up my spread. I use blank graph/dot paper with no pre-printed insert style. Then I use stickers, pens & washi to create my Weekly Overview & Weekly Spread. This week is lite so I only needed a sticky note to plan out my week. I used the Planner Girl Sticky Notes from the Etsy Shop, Scribbles by KP - the owner gives phenomenal customer service and darling products. On the sticky I have written down: appointments, birthdays, and honey do's that I have previously committed too. This allows me to see how much I can decorate before laying down any stickers! Now that I know I can get to it! 

Weekly Overviews are a necessity; for me.

Having my week available at a glance is hella valuable! Also, the act of writing down  helps me remember them! Does that happen to anyone else? My weekly overview always consists of important dates, things I'm tracking (health, PR Posts, work things), something I'm looking forward too that week, and some inspiration. It always visually correlates with that week's theme and keeps me sharp. I love them!

Step 1: Big Stuff First

Now that Pre- Planning & the Overview have been completed. I am able to finally start decorating. I always place the focal points first. This allows me to see how much space I'll have left to write & add accents at the end.  

Step 2: Add Dates

Once the foundation is down adding the dates solidifies the outline you're creating for your weekly spread. We are actually building our inserts with stickers! It's fun and can come out any way you need it. This week, I placed Monday & Tuesday vertically on the right side of the page  & Wednesday, horizontally on the left! Sounds crazy but scroll down it's cute

Step 3: Lists & Icons

I am a hardcore lister! Naturally once I add dates I add my lists and icons. Lists are for me to use during the week to make sure I do the things I'm supposed to do. Icons are to get my attention for a specific task. They are also super cute, I love them. Ironically, laundry icons are my favorite! I strongly dislike doing laundry, but those dang stickers are too cute! 

BAM! You've got yourself a Planner Spread! 

Now that you have a planner spread that's super cute & matches your weekly overview, you can PLAN! This is the time to add the things you listed in your pre-planning stage. The planner spread has been completed and now you can super embellish! Add small stickers, extra washi tape or a stamp to make the spread more adorable. Be sure to leave space for the rest week, you have to write there. :) 

Bonus Tip! Keep Your Planner Open all week!

I have to add this step! Keeping your planner open ensures you are updating changes and progression you've made throughout the week. Updating progression is vital for me because it helps me feel better about everything I  have going on & that I am doing my part in progressing in life! I know that seems crazy but, I often feel overwhelmed so if I can gradually see my progression I feel better and that the road ahead isn't as bumpy as I might feel. Updating changes allows me to either re-plan the task or reassess a different outcome.  I don't want to think something has been taken care of and fail to fix or address the task. Keeping my planner open eases my mind and keeps me on point!

I hope you've enjoyed planning with me! If you like this set up, let me know in the comments below or in my video comments. Also, tag me on IG or FB if you use any of the tips I gave to plan your perfect spread! Peace & Love ya'll !



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