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Eat to Focus

Focus Foods for this School Year School this year is different for most families due to the current global pandemic. Finding focus and maintaining it throughout the day will be HECKA beneficial to both parents and students. Most parents are focused on finding healthy foods but today, I'm sharing foods that will keep everyone's mind sharp and focused on the tasks in front of them.  I am not a nutritionist, just a Mom whose helping other Moms overcome Home School Hurdles! :)  Healthy Foods should not be underestimated. Your body needs good food to focus. by R. C. Connor Blueberries I started with these powerful little berries because they have a huge positive effect on your BRAIN. Our brain is...

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5 Mid-Day Snacks for Mom

Snacks for Moms Nicole MeeksPlanner Enthusiast | Atlanta, GA  Being home more is forcing me to open the refrigerator door a lot more!   Balance has been the key to weight loss journey so, choosing the proper snacks, keep me on track.  5 of my favorite Quarantine Snacks! 1. Coffee + Kettle Corn This combo is perfect for reading a book in the evening or while watching a series on Hulu. Drinking coffee in the evening, is always a soothing experience & adding popcorn gives it a leisurely vibe.  2. Avocado Toast I looove Avocado Toast! It’s fast & I can eat it at ANY time a day and it’s always perfect! I prefer to make mine using the ingredients below!  Avocado...

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