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5 Mid-Day Snacks for Mom

Snacks for Moms Nicole MeeksPlanner Enthusiast | Atlanta, GA  Being home more is forcing me to open the refrigerator door a lot more!   Balance has been the key to weight loss journey so, choosing the proper snacks, keep me on track.  5 of my favorite Quarantine Snacks! 1. Coffee + Kettle Corn This combo is perfect for reading a book in the evening or while watching a series on Hulu. Drinking coffee in the evening, is always a soothing experience & adding popcorn gives it a leisurely vibe.  2. Avocado Toast I looove Avocado Toast! It’s fast & I can eat it at ANY time a day and it’s always perfect! I prefer to make mine using the ingredients below!  Avocado...

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5 Things to Plan during Quarantine

Nicole Meeks Planner Enthusiast | Atlanta, Georgia. Stay in Alignment, with your own rhythm  Planning in 2020 has become a funny meme, but for us planner babes it's a bummer that there are less things to plan. Pandemic planning seems futile however, I've been finding success with the 5 things I'm going to share with you today. I refuse to not use my stickers or planners when I have time to use them.  Below is a list of things that will keep you active in your planner and assist you in aligning with the simple pleasures of life.  Plan Mini Celebrations - Brighten the mood, plan something fun                         ...

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Happynichi Tutorial - How to Set Up your Weekly Overview

Nicole Meeks Owner of Planher Universe LLC      Hey girl Heeeey! Today I’m explaing how I set up my Weekly Overview Page! I have started making these a staple to my weekly planning system & they help me stay on task & are a wonderful reference guide when making additional arrangements during the week. It’s important to note that I only do this in my Happynichi but this method can be done in any planner. The Happynichi is my Everyday Carry Planner so having a weekly overview is helpful when I'm out and about. I'll be giving you my Weekly Overview process from beginning to end! Let's get ittt! Step 1: Pre- Planning It is imperative for you to write...

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Plan With Me! Weekly Overview & WO1P - Mermaid Kit

Hey Ya'll!  Thanks for stopping by the blog! I'm doing a Plan with Me to show one way I Bujo my Weekly Overview & Weekly Insert! Below are the items I used to plan my spread. Prefer to Watch it? I got chu! Check out my YouTube video planning this week. If you want to read then keep scrolling!  Items Used: - The Happy Planner: Happynichi  -  Golden Plans Co: Mermaid Sticker Kit - The Happy Planner: Journaling (Flip) Stickers - I call them Happy Flaps - The Honey B Shop - Washi Tape - The Paper Studio: Agenda 52: Numbers Foiled Sticker Pack, 2992pcs Happy Planner Sticker Books: *Quotes - 427 pieces *Journaling - 1868 pieces *Stickers -1486 pieces  *Rainbow...

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Book Review - Juliet's School of Possibilities - A Little Story about the Power of Priorities

Read it. Apply it. Simplify your life. Nicole Meeks Owner & Creator at Planher Univer LLC. Atlanta, GA  Hey girl Heeey!  I want you to get a feel of the novel from my perspective. After reading this I want you to understand why I think you should read it  & what I love about the feel of this book. #issavibe I hope you enjoy my take on it. This is my very first book review; pretty excited honestly, so let's dive in!  This book will walk you through what happens when you go through life without making your priorities a priority. Often times, this happens when we are not clear on what we hold valuable in our lives. When you...

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