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About Nicole

I have been a planner girl since about 5th grade when they started giving us school planners. Right around the time UniBall Gel Pens were the RAGE! I had soo many, always had my mom picking me up some! My method was to color code the subjects AND highlight any test or quizzes. My planner was folded in neat little origami shapes like hearts & diamonds so that when I opened my planner the next page was flat! Yeah, I was that girl! 
I am now in my 30’s, married with a family; it is still the best way to organize my thoughts. 
My love for planning and coffee led her to open this corner of the internet.
The Goal: Encouraging planners all over the universe to live in your truth; make your plans & live up to your own expectations! 
               The site features mugs and apparel for people with stuff to do.  .
Here you will find encouragement, resources for growth, and a front row seat at my personal planher story.

Nicole enjoying a latte with her Marathon Mission mug